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Ready Stock From Kedah

1pc of Walking Balloon

Size:40 cm to 60 cm


Material: Aluminum Foil

Size: As per picture (Depend design, slightly different)

Package Include: 1 (One) Piece Balloon Only


The magic corn starch was firm by moistening with water - no craft glue needed! They can be cut, pressed, formed and rolled. It also able sticks on paper, cardboard and other smooth surfaces. 


Pure RO Water Wipes are free of alcohol & other chemicals. Hypoallergenic with pH Balanced to ensure it causes no adverse effects on your skin. 


Some vehicle has movable parts, which not only enhances the authenticity of the toy car and also adds more fun to children when they playing. Childrens can play together, using roadblocks and road signs will have more fun in party games. 

  • These disposable bath towels are convenient,soft,absorbent,gentle,wholesome,great for sensitive or delicate skin.
  • Strong water absorption, flexibility and not easy to tear, no flocculation, recyclable, can be used twice, after washing, it can be used as a rag to wipe the table.
  • Save time and money by doing less laundry. Use it conveniently and throw it in the dustbin after use

These kites are made of special fabric material, which made them waterproof that kids can paint them with different paints (crayon, watercolor, acrylic paint, marker) (BUT NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE, PLEASE PURCHASE SEPERATELY). Adults can also paint with kids and enjoy the fun.