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Balloons will ship un-inflated and can be filled with air or helium.

Can be reused which is double sided and self-sealing.


Quantity Per Pack - Refer to Photo Product code for design and quantity


Paw Patrol birthday party theme is suitable for children party, friend party, holiday theme. Which brings different experience and fun for the party you carefully prepared.


Due to batch by batch, the design might slightly difference, if you might please do not place order. Thank you.

Quantity Per Lot: As per Picture


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Refer to Product Picture for detail

Package: 1 piece balloon


Material: Paper with one-sided printing, outlines for easy coloring
Includes: Paint brushes, coloring pad
Number of Pages: 6
Educational Focus: Creative Thinking, large motor skills, Shapes and Colors
Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
Book Size: 21cm x  27cm  


Parents can also encourage habit of reading with their children and take it as a fun activity. This storybook only need to take 5 minute and it designed for kids age 1-5 years.