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Parents can also encourage habit of reading with their children and take it as a fun activity. This storybook only need to take 5 minute and it designed for kids age 1-5 years.


Promotes learning of bilingual language and culture by providing short stories picture books especially for kids age 0-6 years. 


This wooden puzzle board is brightly colored by beautiful pictures,help to learn the numbers and colors.


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: Refer to picture for detail


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Refer to Product Picture for detail

Package: 1pc balloon

Material: Non-Woven Fabric
Size: 10*28cm
Color: Green / Red / Yellow / Light Blue / Dark Blue / Orange
Ages: 3 years old and above (适合3岁或以上)
Warning: Contain small component, NOT for child under 3 years old (含有小件物品,不适合3岁以下儿童)

Kids can make their own trophy, very interesting and the perfect gift for Father's day, Thanksgiving, birthdayThe DIY craft kit is made of non-woven fabric, self adhesive, no scissor or glue require. 

It's an easy craft for kids who are working on developing fine-motor skills or who love art. It help to improve the child DIY ability, exercise child concentration and hand eye coordination.


----To charge the foil balloon must be slowly, can charge with a pump to 90%, then through a straw to blow, easy to control the volume, to avoid bursting the balloon. If there have two layers of the foil sticky, please stop charging, separate the two layers with your hands gently, and make sure they are apart so that they can continue charging.

---- ----These foil balloons do not have flexibility and are inelastic, too much gas will easily burst. if burst, it cannot be repair!

---- ----Straw, tape, stick, ribbon and pump are NOT INCLUDED, welcome visit our store and add into your cart before check out, thank you. All balloons ship in a flat.

---- ----Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services immediately if you have any problem during setup the road lead

---- ----For more models, kindly visit our store, thank you


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: 18Inch

Qty per pack: 1 piece Balloon


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Refer to Product Picture for detail

Package: 1pc balloon