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Red color is really festive and suitable for everybody.White color is also a symbol of snow and winter. It is great fun for adults and children. 


****This is a DIY product, need to complete by the customer****

NOT Included for any Battery


Ready Stock From Kedah

==Balloon cannot fly although filled with helium gas==

***Please avoid sunburn, overheat, pointed object and excessive friction***

Approx. 20*60cm


Diameter 7mm, length 150mm, compatible with standard 7mm glue guns (20Watt).

Great to use, suitable for bonding and fixing of wood, paper, cardboard, textile, and various plastics.


Using the wide craft sticks you can Make Stick House, Stick Chair Table Stick Table And Boat, Stick Peacock and Other Birds, Stick Craft Dog and Other Animals, Stick Craft Temple, Stick Craft Ship Small and Large House. 


Their fineness makes them REMOVABLE with No Mess. Write on with traditional chalk or use the Liquid Chalk Pen and wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

Ready Stock from Kedah