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  • This item will ship in flat-pack only (it original will be pack in folded condition in the opp bag only, easy to get dented during shipping, for high expectation buyer please do not purchase, thank you)

The product is driven by springs, not by traditional pressure. At the important moment, you just need to open the top cover, follow the arrow to gently twist the bottom of the cannon, aiming at the sky and watch the slow falling confetti.They are very suitable for taking photos. You can record this perfect moment and save it. 


Some vehicle has movable parts, which not only enhances the authenticity of the toy car and also adds more fun to children when they playing. Childrens can play together, using roadblocks and road signs will have more fun in party games. 


Easy to use, just peel off the double side tape at behind and paste the curtain on the top of wall. The cut of the tinsels is pretty wide, it won't easily strip down,will transform your home or office into a classy and glittering party place! 


The magic corn starch was firm by moistening with water - no craft glue needed! They can be cut, pressed, formed and rolled. It also able sticks on paper, cardboard and other smooth surfaces. 


We have mixed some hot sale colours theme for you. No need to select one by one. Set of 6 Rolles or Set of 3 Rolles. If there is 6 colour in one set, it is each colour 1pcs. If there is 3 colour in one set, it is each colour 1pcs. 


****HELIUM SUPPORTED BALLOONS: The balloon will float if you fill it with helium. You can also fill the balloon with air and use it as a nice balloon on top of the balloon column.

****CAUTION: Over-inflation, sharp objects, unclean surfaces, direct SUNLIGHT, and excessive squeezing can easily damage and burst the balloons.

****BATCH ISSUE: Due to batch by batch, the balloon color might slightly different for every batch, if mind please do not purchase, thank you.


Material: Aluminium Foil
Size: Approx.16 inch

Package: 1 piece of alphabet balloon


These balloon don't have to blow them up, pump them, or even use helium. Simply press the balloon and it automatically inflates.


***Balloon Cannot fly although fill with helium gas, wall or hanging decoration only***

 ***These foil balloons can be filled with air only. Please inflate it SLOWLY to avoid popping up. The explosion star balloon could only be 80% full***

******Please avoid sunburn, overheat, pointed object and excessive friction***


Work great as both erasers and party supplies, adorable and bright in color, a must-have for any treasure box, classroom treats, or stocking stuffers at school or birthday party. Which makes it an ideal gift for the childrens when they come to visit and share a great moment.


Ideal educational DIY toys for children's early education.

Great tools for parent-child activity or school art class.

Beautiful outlook and easy to make, no scissor require & self-adhesive

Great decoration for home/room.