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****The color will be send random, will send 6 different color due to batch by batch****


These refills are suitable for Kindergarten Kids to practicing writing, drawing and so on with all kinds of paper. After write, the ink provided will automatically fade and can be reused. Handwriting automatically disappear after dry, great for repeatedly practice (WITHOUT THE COPYBOOK , PLEASE ADD SEPARATELY)


Multifunctional:Great for hanging indoors only. Can be used as doorplates, doorway signs, reminder cards, and wall decorations, etc. This product is also both practical and decorative, suitable for many, which adds luster to your kid places.


Bring your scratch art creations to life and make a three-dimensional world of unicorns or dino and rainbows — scratch to reveal the magic, line up the slots, and put your art display!


Great for beauty your photo album, books Decoration of your beloved diary, notebook and personal space.


This party suplies are non-toxic.This disposable tableware kits are made of environmentally friendly biodegradable material. Light and flexible cutlery for kids and toddlers.The plate is 7 inch,it is suitable for plate used to hold fruit, candy, cupcakes, etc.


A paper cup can be used as a great base for a whole range of fun crafts and even paper cup games activities!. Even younger children can try easy paper cup crafts.


There are so much fun with the diy paper plate hats, holiday paper plates crafts, zoo animals, birds, creepy crawlies, food themed paper plate art projects, and even paper plate games and activities! Fun parent-child games will bring you closer to each other, allowing you and your children to enjoy the sweet time of parent-child interaction.


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Refer to Product Picture for detail

Package: 1 piece balloon
Note: Balloon Pump and straw no included

Transparent Balloon Size (After Inflate): Approx. 12 Inch (30cm)
Confetti Size: Approx. 1.5cm
Transparent Balloon Weight: 2.8gram (Without Confetti)

Material: Plastics
Quantity Per Lot: 5pcs/pack
Color: Transparent

Tye A; 40cm Transparent Stick with Cup

Type B: 80cm Transparent Stick with Cup (Connector Type)


Material: PVC

Size Available:

Stretch Type - 18/24/36 Inch

Non Stretch Type - 18/24/36 Inch

Big Entry Hole Type (Diameter 6cm) - 22 Inch


Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: approx. Refer to Product Picture for detail

For more model, kindly visit our store, thank you.


Material: Aluminium Foil
Size: Approx.16 inch

Package: 1 piece of alphabet balloon

Note: Pump and Straw did not included